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Claw Capsule Container

Claw Capsule Container

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Portable Simplify your daily medication routine with Clawtainer's intuitive interface and automated dispensing, ensuring you never miss a dose.

Safe Trust in Clawtainer's secure storage to protect your medications, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.

Fun Experience the fun and fascination of watching our clever Clawtainer's robotic claw perform its medication retrieval act, adding a touch of excitement to your daily routine!

Efficient The Clawtainer's precision-engineered claw mechanism guarantees accurate and reliable medication retrieval, enhancing safety and convenience


Step 1

 Open the Clawtainer and carefully place your prescribed medications inside.

Step 2

Use the lever provided on the interface to control the claw's movement.

Step 3 

As the Clawtainer presents the medication container, carefully reach in and collect it.


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